30 December, 2010

bye-bye 2010, hye-hye 2011 :)

counting hours to leave 2010
owhh... this year full with sweet moment
i'm gonna be mish this year
especially to my crazier house mates
bring the super-duper moments 

thx also to wonderland day 

syiokkkk moment at Kolam Air Panas Bemban 
( kualiti kamera pijan kekurangan sikit)
huhuhu ---

last paper final exam too 
tragedi tayar meletup tepi jambatan 

lastly credit to my classmates
DKA3B '2010' 

days in 2010 always in my mind
never forget (!)
never missing (!)
never (!) never (!) never (!)
* tnm2 kan azam baru *

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