17 December, 2010

Aku tujukan utk seseorang ♥

saya HAPPY sekarang ---
nah! lihat lah saya senyum (walau tak comel)

song in this blog, i  so muchhhhh ---
sarang hae yo by Kim Hyung Sup (korean artist)

Can I love you, just for a little bit in your arms
If you leave me alone and leave, you know how much I will hurt inside
I love you, let's start again, even through all the hard times we had
I love my friend
It can only be you, our love was planned as fate from the beginning
With the tears that you she'd during hard times, now I will pay it all back
What makes me happy is your smile, and I am placing it in my heart

Just like in this moment, I love you, let's start again
Even through the hard times
I love my friend
It can only be you, help make you forget and just make you happy

urmmm --- 
boleh tak aku tujukan lagu ini utk seseorang?
for the last time ...
boleh tak???
before he went with other women???
I promise, I will forget him